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Small talk / Разговор


Everyone knows what Small talk is and how to use it. You say “Hi, how are you?” and as an answer hear “Thanks I am fine and you?” that’s it. But not in Russia. In Russia people really want to know how you are and if you ask “Hi, how are you? – Привет, как дела?” You might hear a short (or long) story of somebody’s day or even life. So let’s practice:

–  Привет! Как дела? // Hi, how are you?

– У меня все хорошо, спасибо. Вчера я ходил в кино. Я посмотрел интересный фильм. Как твои дела? // I am fine, thanks.  Yesterday i went to the cinema. I saw an interesting movie. And how are you?

– У меня все хорошо, спасибо. Сегодня я иду в театр с моим другом. Мне нравится большой театр. // I am fine, thanks. Today i am going to the theatre with a friend of mine.