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Russian language is an East Slavic language


Russian (ру́сский язы́к, russky yazyk, pronounced [ˈruskʲɪj jɪˈzɨk]) is an East Slavic language and an official language in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan. It is an unofficial but widely spoken language in Ukraine,Moldova, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and to a lesser extent, the other countries that were once constituent republics of the Soviet Union and former participants of the Eastern Bloc. Russian belongs to the family of Indo-European languages and is one of the three living members of theEast Slavic languages. Written examples of Old East Slavonic are attested from the 10th century onwards.


Best of Moscow Aerial FPV flights/ Полеты над Москвой / Part 1


Moscow is world famous, Moscow is beautiful and extravagant. We love admire this town. With this video you can make one of the most amazing “travelling” in Moscow.