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Russian ballet


The Imperial Russian Ballet Company was formed in 1994, headed by the Bolshoi Theatre soloist Gediminas Taranda.

The name of the company recognizes the grand masters of the Russian Classical Ballet School and the Imperial Family who made such an enormous contribution to the development of Russian culture. This included the creation of the Bolshoi and Mariinsky Theatres.

The prime choreographic style adopted by the Company is a classical one, however, they also indulge in modern dance and choreographic novelties.

The versatility of The Imperial Russian Ballet Company is demonstrated by the fact they are able to tour the world presenting both full length traditional ballets and divertissements, as well as finding time to perform seasons at the Novaya Opera Theatre in Moscow.



О чем мечтают русские? / What do russians dream about?

A stereotype that Russian people are cold and even rude is rather famous, but it is a superficial judgement as everyone who knows Russian spirit will say the contrary. Russian people are very hospitable and cheerful. They will take time to know you but once you are in their heart, you will become their best friend.
A photo exhibition “Hundreds years: Russian portrait” of a dutch photographer is dedicated to Russian people. Wonderful pictures show people and their emotions in their daily life.